Our Mallets

Product Research

We produce high-quality mallets, handcrafted in Italy.

When we design mallets we think of percussion professionals, to deliver them the best sound.

Every part of the design process is firstly tested at our factory and on field by Riccardo Angelini. Our aim is to find the best and more innovative ways to enhance music performances, looking for the right balance and materials, to discover new sound concepts.
We ask our Artists to test different prototypes on field and we listen to their feedback to improve and develop our mallets. At this stage, we set the features of every mallet and the steps to reproduce them. And only later, mallets are ready to be included in our collection.

Material Selection

Everything starts from excellent materials:

  • cork, wood, felt, wool, resin, brass and rubber used for mallets heads;
  • bamboo, birch and rattan used for shafts.

Over the years, we’ve built a unique and special network of selected suppliers around the world.

We buy the best bamboo for weight, flexibility and reliability, carved according to specific tolerance limits. Our bamboo is precooked to be dried out, reducing its humidity level. Every bamboo shaft is selected by hand, paired by weight balance and diameter. There’s no way to replace human perception and precision at this step.

Our suppliers guarantee an amazing industrial treatment on materials, so to have the best sintered cork, with the desired specific density, carved with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology, with a tolerance close to zero. Our woods are three years aged guaranteed, carved with CNC to avoid any kind of flaw and become our great xylophone mallets.

Manufacturing Process

Our Artisans developed specific skills, specializing on different production steps.

They start from weighing and pairing bamboo and rattan shafts, picked depending on weight and diameter. Every shaft is branded, finished and verified.

They proceed to assemble the heads (cork, wood or screw type) and to cover them, when needed, with flannel or felt. The felt cover is meticulously stitched by expert hands. Felt is whittled down, defining the final sound of your mallets.

Every mallet is finally checked to be ready for the sound test.

Sound Test

Every mallet has been designed to produce a specific sound. So, we test our mallets to guarantee an accurate sound quality, before to pack and ship them.

We’re always grateful to Artists’ feedback, so important for continuous improvement.

Thanks to excellent materials, a qualified manufacturing process and 30 years’ experience, our mallets are a quality standard, internationally recognized.