Angelini Mallets

Passion for Percussion

Angelini Mallets is not a factory as we are used to think of. And it’s not just a business project.
It is primarily a family: a percussionist family. It all started with passion and love for percussion instruments.

The beginnings

Let’s get started with some Angelini family’s stories.

Giorgio Angelini, father of Riccardo, has been percussionist at The Santa Cecilia Symphonic Orchestra of Rome, for 40 years. Riccardo Angelini got the passion for percussion since he was child.

As all students, when he was 15 years old, he started looking around for new timpani mallets: this was the really beginning of making mallets and the first step for the creation of Angelini Mallets company.

Giorgio brought Riccardo to Diego Petrera, a Principal Timpanist colleague of Giorgio, who was producing timpani mallets by himself, since the 60s. He continued making mallets for many timpanists around Italy, until the 90s. When Riccardo met Diego to choose his first set of timpani mallets, something happened: he loved the idea to try making mallets by himself and so, asked Petrera to teach him.

Diego and Riccardo started working together for three years. Riccardo had the chance to learn all the secrets, tricks and tradition owned by Diego. So, the Angelini Mallets moved his first step.

Small store

The true story went on, year by year, until Riccardo asked his mother some help to stitch the felt, during his studying time. This was the second step: with the support of Carla Angelini, started the Angelini Mallets company, as a “small store”.

By the time, Claudio Pavan, a family friend, started to help the process of building shaft, glue, disc, cutting etc. Right now, Claudio is still the “architect” of all our mallets: we ask him the mallets we need and he finds the way to create them, the way we want.

Worldwide business

Time by time, Angelini Mallets goes around all over Europe, Japan, China… and so went the third step: producing high-volume mallets, with the same high-quality. And it was not so easy as it should seem.

On 2001, Carla Angelini established the “Angelini Mallets Srl” as a company. She started to fix every single small detail for production: grams, diameter, specific material and fixed production for a very high quality. At the same time, she decided not to delevop production too much. She decided to stay, as we are, a family factory to always guarantee a very high-quality production process, for the best product quality.

The best handcrafted quality

Nowadays, Riccardo is Principal Timpanist at The National Army Band, in Italy. And quality is still the mission and aim of Angelini Mallets: every single pair of mallets is still made by the same fingers, same eyes, and tested by the same hands.

Right now, we distribute products all over the world and have exclusive dealers in France, UK, Portugal, Slovenia. And you’ll always find the same best quality of Italian manufacture, without compromise. Sometimes it makes delivery time longer, but we just offer special and unique handmade products. Quality is our main goal.