High-quality Percussions Rental Services

Angelini Mallets provides full percussion equipment rental services for orchestras, concert organizers and musicians all over Italy.

We have the largest percussion rental inventory in Italy,  for concerts, shows and recording sessions.

Our percussion inventory includes:

  • 4 Timpani, Ludwig Chicago (copper bowls, fine tuning)
  • 2 Timpani, Bergerault Vojager (copper bowls, fine tuning)
  • Marimba 5 octaves
  • Marimba 4 1/3 octaves
  • Xylophone, Bergerault Rosewood
  • Xylophone, Musser Kelon
  • 3 Bass Drums (natural or plastic skins)
  • Vibraphone, Bergerault Professional
  • Orchestral Tubular Bells with pedal
  • Tam tams – Gongs
  • 10 Orchestral Snare Drums
  • Selection of Orchestral Cymbals
  • Set of Orchestral little percussions (triangles, tambourines, etc.)
  • 2 Complete Acoustic Drum Kits
  • Professional chairs, music stands, trays
  • Flight cases and accessories

Rental Quote Request

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Percussion Rental Services are only available in Italy.