Percussion Orchestral Repertoire – Masterclass

We’re so glad to present “Percussion Orchestral Repertoire” Masterclass, designed to train percussionists to auditions and competitions, and delivered by Studio Percussivo with the sponsorship of Angelini Mallets.

The Masterclass will take place in Rome (Italy), April 4-6, 2020 – performed by Carmelo Gullotto – Percussionist at RAI National Symphonic Orchestra of Turin – and Rocco Bitondo – Percussionist at Opera House of Rome.

Masterclass Programme

April 4, 2020
Morning: Snare drum
Afternoon: Xylophone

April 5, 2020
Morning: Bass drum and Cymbals
Afternoon: Glockenspiel e Vibraphone

April 6, 2020
Accessories: Triangle, Tombourine, Castanets

Partecipation fees

Euro 220,00 – Active Students
Euro 130,00 – Auditors


For further information, contact us:
Angelini Mallets
Phone +39 329 0763867
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