Dörfler, Snare Drum – Symphonic

The Dorfler Symphonic Snare Drum is the first choice for orchestral percussionists.

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The Dorfler Symphonic Snare Drum is the successor to the Dresden drum tradition, the continuation of a legend.

Specifically designed for the concert stage, this snare drum is endowed with many important features, making it your first choice for orchestral percussionists.

The Dorfler Symphonic Snare Drum features a wooden shell consisting of several layers of wood, fixed together to a width of 6mm. It is through this construction process that the greatest possible shell resonance is produced, thus giving the drum its characteristic sound.

Compared to the original, the Dorfler Symphonic Snare Drum gives a warmer sound, more consistent throughout the dynamic spectrum.

A wide variety of shell sizes are available, offering the perfect choice for every performing situation. The snare beds are hand-crafted, and are custom-made to each drum; they reduce the amount of intrusive “snare buzz”. The tension hoops are made from a special alloy, holding 10 lugs to support extreme tension, thus allowing greater tuning possibilities. In addition, both plastic and natural heads can be fitted to the drum.

As with the legendary model, it is possible to individually tune each snare strain, ensuring that the drum “speaks” clearly in all dynamic ranges.

The specially-designed throw-off is, without question, the softest and smoothest of its kind. Even in pianissimo passages, there are no intrusive noises when tuning snares on or off. When attaching the snares to the drum, our system guarantees even tension along the whole snare body and is compatible with different individual types and combinations of snare wire systems.

The precise fine-tuning of the individual parts, along with their seamless interaction, makes this drum the successor to a legend.


Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 30 cm

4” x 13″, 5'' x 14", 6'' x 14", 7'' x 14"