Angelini Mallets – Timpani Century Pack


Hand-crafted and delivered in 30-60 days

The Angelini Mallets Timpani Century Pack is a collection of 5 mallets pairs.
Designed as a starter pack, it gives a wide sonority range for opera/symphonic repertoire, with attention to different music styles and traditions.

It includes a pair of classical “baroque style” mallets (Mozart, Haydn etc.) and a pair of central model flannel (Beethoven, Brahms etc.), giving the right sound in every staccato musical phrase.
It also includes three pairs of felt mallets, inspired by the Timpani Italian Series (503, 507 and 509 models): round cork head, very good balance and neutral weight give clear sound in hard, medium and soft dynamics.

The pack is offered at a really affordable price and yet the same quality and material from the best Angelini Mallets tradition.


Weight 1,5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 8 × 8 cm