Angelini Mallets, Snare Drum Sticks – R. Bitondo Series – RLB SD1


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The Angelini Mallets Snare Drum Sticks – Symphonic Collection is a line of 5 pairs, made to satisfy every sound requests.

The Angelini Mallets Snare Drum Sticks – R. Bitondo Series has been developed in cooperation with Prof. Rocco Luigi Bitondo, Percussionist at the Opera of Rome.

The RLB-SD1 model is made of Hickory. With a classic round tip, it’s ideal for both daily practice and for most of the orchestral repertoire.

These sticks are produced with selected wood carved with CNC (Computer Numerical Control), to avoid any kind of flaw. The best available technologies allow us to guarantee that each pair will have the same weight and the same pitch. The whole process ensures durable sticks and a perfect balanced and quality sound.


Weight 0,3 kg
Dimensions 43 × 4 × 4 cm

Selected Hickory

Tip shape



16,5 mm

Total length

42,8 cm

Total weigth

± 71 gr