Angelini Mallets, Bass Drum – Hard Felt Series – BDH 150


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The Angelini Mallets Bass Drum – Hard Felt Series is a line of 4 pairs, made to satisfy every sound request and designed for professional percussionists.

Every mallet has a hard felt head, covered with a wool felt disc, fixed with screw on top.

The handle is made of selected maple, with a special ergonomic thicker grip, which is perfectly suited to both the classic or American grip.
Handles are carved with CNC (Computer Numerical Control), to avoid any kind of flaw. The best available technologies allow us to guarantee that each pair will have the same weight and the same pitch. The whole process ensures durable mallets and a perfect balanced and quality sound.

The Bass Drum – Hard Felt Series consists of 4 models:

  • BDH 130, light and extremely fast, for staccato and articulate sound;
  • BDH 150, the all-around model, for articulate sound, speed and versatility;
  • BDH 190, big, heavy and well balanced, for a full and dark sound;
  • BDH 200, weight and balance for the maximum sound, even with natural skins.

The BDH-150 model is simply indispensable, all-around model: articulate sound, speed, and versatility are their main features. Perfect for marching bands and shoulder-mounted bass drums, but not only. The head size, balance, and “double handle” make them truly versatile even for bass drums larger than 32 inches, without any issues.


Weight 0,3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 5 × 5 cm
Head size

ø 48 mm

Head material

Hard felt

Head wrapping

Wool felt disc with screw on head

Handle material

Selected maple

Total length

37,5 cm

Total weigth

± 95 gr


Ergonomic thicker grip